Skeeball World Tour
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  • 3-person teams
  • Play one night per week
  • 9-week season
  • League dues are $45 per team
  • Each player needs $5 each week for the games
  • Tournament / Party / Prizes
That's How I Roll


March 13, 2020

Good afternoon,

I want to start by thanking all of you for a great season.  I hope you
all had fun and plan on joining us again in the Fall for our next league.

Normally, this would be the email I would send out that would have all
of the details for the Championship Party and Tournament.

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus and the ban on mass gatherings the
decision has been made to POSTPONE the event.

A reschedule date has not been set yet.  Once time has passed and not
only has the ban been lifted but a determination has been made that it
is once again safe to hold large events, I will be able to contact you
with a date and details for the tournament.

I have the stats from this final week posted so the Top 32 teams are

Once a new date has been scheduled, I will again have to ask everyone to
RSVP to this new date and will update the Top 32 accordingly (taking out
the teams that RSVP that they can't play in the tournament and moving up
the next teams in line.)

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

Kathy Taylor
Bell Music Company
(330) 253-9171


March 09, 2020

Thank you to all who filled out the RSVP ballot for the Championship Party & Tournament and for the comments/feedback you provided!

Congratulations to the winners.  (You will get your cards when you roll this week.)

Brunswick Monday M.T Nesters Terri Bornancin
Brunswick Monday Team Nasty Bryan Vedrody
Brunswick Monday Milk duds Antonio Biasiotta
Brunswick Wednesday The GRP Dennis Wish
Brunswick Wednesday Mean Mom and Company Sherie Bradenbaugh
Brunswick Wednesday Brewskees Michaiah Rundell
Brunswick Wednesday Brewskees Tiffany Ruic
Canton Wednesday Blake’s Single 330-620-0167 Blake Brandon
Canton Wednesday Cut a Bitchski Bronson Witting
Copley Wednesday Whiskee Shots Josh Borstein
Copley Wednesday Golden Girlskees Julie Taylor
Copley Wednesday T-Rex Can’t Skee Skee Joshua Parks
Copley Wednesday Run D M Skee Cristina Zukowski
Lakewood Thursday Skeeterrifics Nate Leahy
Lakewood Thursday Skeeterrifics Thomas J COLE
Lakewood Thursday 4 balls and a skee Derek Mattson
Lakewood Thursday CLE-BALL 2020 Rick Sutich
Lakewood Tuesday The Big Lebowskees Carlene Graham
Lakewood Tuesday SkeeWee Herman Mike bickett
Lakewood Tuesday Three Skees in a Pod REBECCA ZIMMER
Macedonia Wednesday Alley cats Marnie Fitzsimmons
Macedonia Wednesday Skee-Generation X Justin Meeson
Macedonia Wednesday Just The Tip Brian J Bernard
Macedonia Wednesday Rollin' Dangerous Andrew D Brown
Mentor Thursday murphy law joyce chisar
Mentor Thursday The Longchamps Jane Conley
Mentor Thursday Balls of Fury Brian Toy
Mentor Thursday Balls of Fury Jason Perry
Mentor Tuesday Scoopskee potatoes Matthew Lyons
Mentor Tuesday Taco Time Tyler Saponaro
Mentor Tuesday Taco Time Abby Saponaro
Mentor Tuesday HungLo Judd Spaulding
Mentor Tuesday HungLo Jebediah Legeza
Mentor Tuesday LEMT Mark Gorjanc

If you didn't RSVP yet or if you have any additional comments or feedback, please email me at [email protected] or call me at (330) 253-9171.


March 09, 2020