Skeeball World Tour
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League Rules


Each team is made up of three (3) players. All players must be 21 or older.  Teams are permitted to play with less than three (3) players to avoid a complete forfeit and add to the team’s total points for the season.

Substitute players – Team’s may utilize substitute players if a team member is unable to play. SUBSTITUTE PLAYERS MAY NOT BE ON ANY OTHER SKEEBALL TEAM OR HAVE SUBSTITUTED ON ANY OTHER SKEEBALL TEAM DURING THE CURRENT SEASON. Teams in violation will be given a complete forfeit for the game resulting in zero (0) total points.

Game Play:

A match will consist of two (2) teams, (all six (6) players) rolling ten (10) frames.

Cost of the games is $5 per player per night.

Competing teams will roll on the same lane the entire match.

Every ball must be rolled while standing with both feet located behind the machines.

Balls that fail to enter the scoring zone and roll or otherwise return to the thrower are able to be re-thrown.


Skeeball scores presented on the machines screen will be divided by 1000 (the last three zeros dropped) to simplify scoring.

Each frame will count as its own game resulting in a "win" or "loss". Example 1: "Team A" rolls 280, 210, 360 in frame 1 totaling 850. "Team B" rolls 300, 360, 410 in frame 1 totaling 1070. "Team B" would be credited with a "win" for frame 1. All 10 frames will be scored the same way. Example 2: "Team A" wins 6 of the 10 frames, "Team B" would therefore have lost 6 of the 10 frames. The record for these two teams would be recorded as: "Team A" 6-4, "Team B" 4-6. The season end record will be the total wins and losses of the combined 90 frames rolled. Example: 75-15 (75 wins - 15 losses)

All teams must roll regardless of whether or not their opponents show up in order to get wins for the match.  Total points can also be an important factor in determining which teams qualify for the tournament.

Ghost Teams:

Locations that registered an odd number of teams will need to “play” an invisible Ghost Team. To win a frame against a Ghost Team, your team will need to score better than 660 (the current predefined score for Ghost Teams) for that frame.

All teams must roll regardless if their opponent forfeits or the team is playing the Ghost Team 660. We need the total score for the end of season tournament ranking system. If the team does not roll, they will not receive the win.

Season Ending Playoff Tournament:

The top 32 teams will compete for the overall Skeeball World Tour Champion at the season ending playoff tournament at the Bedford Winking Lizard Party Center in Bedford, Ohio at the conclusion of each season.

The 32 tournament qualifiers are determined based on the following criteria:

1.  First place teams from each store.  These 9 teams are ranked 1 through 9 by total points with ties being broken by record.

2.  In the group below the first place teams are the other automatic qualifiers* combined with the wildcard teams.  Wildcard teams are the next X amount of teams needed to fill the 32 team bracket and are based on total points.  This second group is sorted by total points with ties being broken by record.

* - The number of other automatic qualifiers (in addition to first place teams) from each stores varies depending on how many teams are at that store and are based on team record. If a store has at least 16 teams, it will have 3 other automatic qualifiers. If a store has from 11 to 15 teams, it will have 2 other automatic qualifiers. If a store has from 6 to 10 teams, it will have 1 other automatic qualifier.

Prizes will be awarded to the top team from each location as well as the top two (2) teams from the season ending playoff tournament.

A second chance mini tournament will be available to all teams that lost in the first round.


Skeeball is intended to be a fun and entertaining competition. Any behavior that is deemed unsportsmanlike will not be tolerated and such player/players may be removed from the league.

Staff members of Winking Lizard, Bell Music and official skeeball coordinators reserve the right to settle any disputes, as well as interpret, modify and enforce all skeeball rules and regulations.

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