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Current Tournament Qualifier Rankings

The 32 tournament qualifiers are determined based on the following criteria:
  1. First place teams are ranked 1 through 9 by total points with ties being broken by record.
  2. In the group below the first place teams are the 9 other automatic qualifiers*, which are now combined with the 14 wildcard teams. This group is sorted by total points with ties being broken by record.

* - The number of other automatic qualifiers (in addition to first place teams) from each stores varies depending on how many teams are at that store. If a store has at least 16 teams, it will have 3 other automatic qualifiers. If a store has from 11 to 15 teams, it will have 2 other automatic qualifiers. If a store has from 6 to 10 teams, it will have 1 other automatic qualifiers.

NOTE: Since teams from different stores don't always have the same number of games played during the season, listing total points on this page isn't helpful in determining rankings. So, even though the final rankings are determined by total points, average score is listed here instead when calculating the current tournament qualifiers.

First Place Teams:

RankingTeam NameStoreWinsLossesTiesAvg Points
1SkeeterrificsLakewood (Thursday)801001169.7
2Milk DudsBrunswick (Monday)692101121.1
3The GRPBrunswick (Wednesday)662311091.9
4Irish Skee BombsMacedonia (Wednesday)781201091.2
5Rule #7Skee6Mentor (Tuesday)691831077.8
6Balls of FuryMentor (Thursday)73143965.6
7Skee Baaack!Canton (Wednesday)69201869.8
8Whiskee ShotsCopley (Wednesday)61290869.6
9Skee AmigasLakewood (Tuesday)65241806.7

Additional Qualifiers:

RankingTeam NameStoreWinsLossesTiesAvg Points
10Scoopskee PotatoesMentor (Tuesday)672211153.0
11Team NastyBrunswick (Monday)632701133.7
12Rollin' DangerousMacedonia (Wednesday)593101060.9
13HungLoMentor (Tuesday)632611056.2
14MT NestersBrunswick (Monday)533611037.6
15DittyMentor (Thursday)711631035.2
16The SkeemersBrunswick (Wednesday)662311012.8
17Sweet Baby SkeesusLakewood (Thursday)662311012.2
18Baker's DozenMentor (Tuesday)57312997.1
19Skee-Generation XMacedonia (Wednesday)51390980.0
20PB&JMacedonia (Wednesday)40491971.2
21Mean Mom and CompanyBrunswick (Wednesday)60300961.3
223 Guys 9 BallsBrunswick (Wednesday)55350961.0
23The Skee MusketeersMentor (Tuesday)52371948.2
24Alley CatsMacedonia (Wednesday)48420925.4
25HooptabogenBrunswick (Monday)41472919.7
26Three R's and a BallBrunswick (Wednesday)43470883.1
27Seekin' A SkeesomeCopley (Wednesday)57294878.3
28DysfunctionalBrunswick (Monday)33552876.2
29Taco TimeMentor (Tuesday)40464874.6
30Two Balls and a NutMentor (Tuesday)29601874.4
31Just the tipMacedonia (Wednesday)47412866.2
32The SkeezballsLakewood (Tuesday)57312748.2